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AstroX TrueX 220mm Frame

Makerfire BNF Micro FPV Racing Quad
F3 EVO Flight Controller with Native Frsky (ACCST) Compatible Receiver

Tiny Whoop is a small first-person-view aircraft that truly allows you to feel the gift of flight and the feeling of being tiny. A small apartment becomes a vast terrain worthy of taming. The small tree in your front yard is a deep and engaging forrest. With shrouded propellers we can now fly FPV around people and kids safely. It's more fun than you've ever had.

The introduction above is from Tiny Whoop offical websize. Yes,this is really furious hobby to have such micro drones. Thousands of Tiny Whoop owners were flying in places they never thought possible! The new MICRO FPV drone provides the freedom of flight in an FPV Ready Bind and Fly version. No soldering or 3D printing required,you get out-of-the-box FPV performance.

Makerfire Micro FPV Series:

- Integrated F3 EVO Brushed FC ,
- Frsky Taranis X9D or Spektrum receiver,
- 25mW AIO video transmitter & camera,
- Special sauce edition motors and 200mAh battery,

This MICRO FPV is capable of flying in the smallest of places with ease and much more like a racing quad than a toy quad.

• 64mm motor spacing, four carefully-tuned electric ducted fans
• F3 EVO Brushed flight controller fully programmable through Betaflight (Cleanflight option)
• Built in native FRSky ACCST Protocol ,compatible with ALL Taranis X9D/X9D Plus / FRSKY Accst Modules
• 5.8G AIO 25mW camera, with 10 tilt camera mount
• Special sauce edition motors, 17500KV, 65000 RPM@3.7v,up to 1.34A load current at 4.2V (direct drive)
• 35C 200mAh 1S battery, 3 min 40 seconds flight time

• Wheelbase: 64mm
• Weight: 22g (without battery)
• Flight Controller: F3 EVO Brushed FC with Native DSM receiver
• Motor: 17500KV 6x15mm Coreless Brush Motor
• Receiver: FRSKY Accst compatible native receiver (Compatible with Taranis X9D/X9D Plus)
• Camera and 5.8G Tx: AIO 520TVL 1/4 Inch Camera 25mW 40CH
• Battery: 3.7V 200mAh Lipo battery with Pico JST connector
• Flight time: 3 min 40 seconds

Download user manual: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B_7rmqFYiAgqQzV6UjVxZmRQYlE


This Kit is not suitable for beginners as it is not a ready-to-fly kit.
Radio Setup required.

(Bind-To-Fly Only)














Frequently Asked Questions:

Due to the overwhelming response from the customers, we have put together this FAQ to answer the most commonly asked questions.This section will grow as more and more customers give us valuable feeedback and suggestions on how to improve the tuning.

Q:Can I enjoy it if i am a drone hobby beginner?
This is not a beginners quad.You will need a decent transmitter. You will need to know how to use the program cleanflight/betaflight. Most importantly,you should have 5.8G goggles to enjoy the FPV experience.

Q:Is this a complete rtf quad and does it include a battery?
This is not complete RTF drone. You will need a transmitter to bind to it. FrSky Taranis X9D is recommended. A 200mAh battery is included, with a JST connector the same as Blade Inductrix TINY WHOOP drone racing.

Q:can we buy the receiver separately? or replace it.
The receiver is connected to the fc board with 3 wires (PPM/5V/GND). Unsolder them and solder in your preferred micro receiver.For example,receiver can be replaced with a Spektrum DSMX Satt.

Q:How do Ibind the FrSky X9D transmitter?
See above instructions.

Q:I want more information about the brush flight controller.
The FC is designed by Makerfire team.It is based on SPRacing F3_EVO_Brush FC,full Cleanflight/Betaflight compatibility on a STM32 F303 style processor.The size is 26mm x 26mm, fully compatible with the Blade Inductrix quad frame and mounting pattern.

Q:Hello, has the item already comes with engines, control board and the camera of fpv?
Yes, it comes with 4x720 coreless motors, F3 brushed flight controller and 40CH AIO FPV camera.

Q:Does it have race band?
Yes, this BNF kit contain AIO camera and works on all 40CHs, which includes 8CH on race band.

Q:Does it include motor plug end,a jst 1.25mm 2 pin micro?
Yes, motor plug ends are jst 1.25 2 pin micro with motor dimentions of 7mm*20mm.